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Postgraduate Medical Revision

MRCP Part 1 Revision

MRCP Part 1

Featuring a full exam's worth of questions, this MRCP revision app is the fastest way to get through revision questions on the move. Revise common medical topics by specialty, or progress randomly through - the choice is yours! Monitor your scores as you go, and reattempt incorrect questions at the end.


MRCP PACES from ReviseAid is the first and only PACES specific app. Specially designed for use on the wardsn and covering all 5 stations, MRCP PACES is crammed with detailed examination and history findings for a wide range of the most commonly occurring scenarios, along with key facts to provide a framework to answer challenging examiner questions.
FRCOphth Revision App

FRCOphth Part 1

Based on the question breakdown of previous exams for complete accuracy, the ReviseAid FRCOphth Part 1 app is crammed with 120 MCQs to get your revision underway. Take questions by category, or as an entire exam's worth, with tracking of your scores as you progress.
MRCS Part A Revision


Our premium ReviseAid MRCS Part A app provides over 200 MCQs to boost your surgical revision, wherever you are. As with all our apps, questions have been designed and tested to only the highest quality, matched to real exam topics, and accompanied by thorough explanations.